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About Us

About Us

   Defabcity established in 2019. Company Registration No: 73096-A. We are the only authorize seller in Malaysia owned Legal Licensing Entitlements, Outright Agreements for the respective brands such as Playboy, Swiss Polo, Volkswagen, Wild Channel accessories like bags, wallets/purses and belts etc. We aim to offer quality products with reasonable price point.

  Our design philosophy emphasize right- fashionable as well as functional, there are many buying experiences that consumers share about great review, recognition given and positive comment. We are grateful for the trust that consumers placed in us and the affirmation is our biggest encouragement. We strive to provide you with an array of products that satisfy demand for quality and efficiency. Buy our products in a worry-free manner as we guarantee 100% authenticity

Our Inspiration

   Fashion is continuously in motion, our inspiration driven by matching the trend with consumer profiles most likely to adopt it. Instead of Fad, we would like to interpret that fashion is a freedom to style for different individuals and personalities.

  Fashion pieces are made to furnish for diverse individuals with different needs. We advocated that people could exude self-expression and personal enrichment by wearing our product. Bags can make you turn up and stand out in occasion wear, to elevate you every day, the charisma sets you apart and you’ll be proud to wear it!

Our Mission

  Bag is our partner in daily life. We believe every generation deserves practical, delicate, accessible bags or accessories that suit themselves for daily necessity. We provide multiple merchandise lines to cater consumer demands:

Playboy/Playboy Bunny, the emblematic bunny head logo is a symbol of frisky, glam, vivacious and liberal, the iconic monogram distinguishes the brand.

Swiss Polo, the recognizable polo sport icon, this brand incline to urban look, mature, simplicity and timeless style, it unleashes progressive personal style.

Volkswagen, the logo brings the sense of sophistication, it represents classy, charm, gracefulness and lofty. It will deliver you with a distinct image.

Wild Channel, the flower icon prominently asserts about femininity, dainty, elegance and romanticism. The eye-catching design could bring out the liveness inside you.

  We wish our product could achieve the motive of making your ensemble a timely fit in anywhere. The never outdated design allows you to attend any kind of occasion and be able to switch any style by your preference.

ECO Production

  We declare that our product belongs to ECO Production Criteria, we respect environmental regulations and ensure that our production does not contribute to deforestation. Our product assortment constitution is being approved with free harmful chemicals. The detrimental substances are not detected after meticulously and rigorously checking, our products are not the scope of destructive consequence products.

  Our product panders to consumer demands and creates customer awareness. We have provided the recycle tag in each product to increase customers' conscious fashion choices. We are reducing environmental impact on our production and reaching the sustainable ingredient criteria while improving the lives of our planet.

Thank You

  Thank you for visiting us and taking your time to read this out! We’re glad that you will find what you were looking for in our store. We are happy that you will be happy with what you would buy from us.